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  Presage - Vessel Series
    Presage - Vessel Series
    2001, branches, wood, white wash, ash, 4h 12w 28d
    The stark beauty and formal quality of the sculpture belies the subtext: creation/destruction growth/decay life/death. The left side of the white vessel projects out from the wall farther than the right while just the reverse happens with the charred vessel. This gives the piece much more movement than is immediately apparent. The upper vessel has been whitewashed and its interior contains charred branches. Suggesting rebirth the charred branch surfaces afford this combination a life affirming quality. The lower vessel is inverted. Its surface has been charred and the interior is filled with whitewashed branches. There is a sense of finality to this configuration. These vessels seem to be engaged in a highly orchestrated dance, one becomes the shadow of the other, one is of this world while the other belongs to the next.